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    buy g pen gio online , A liquid concentrate oil vaporiser . That uses custom pods unique to the device rather than traditional 510 threaded battery cartridges.

    buy g pen gio online , It is a super slick, portable vape system, design for vaping liquid cannabis oils.

    It is comprise of a vape battery that uses proprietary of Gio pods which come pre-fill as half grams (500 mg) of cannabis oil.

    It charges up lightning fast. Reaching a full charge in about an hour.

    If you can’t wait that long,rest assure as the battery is design with pass-through charging so you can vape while it is charging.

    Furthermore, G Pen has exclusive partnerships with top-notch cannabis oil extractors in multiple states.

    Each batch of oil must also meet high standards to ensure consistency with each Gio pod.

    There’s no need for adjustable temperatures with it as everything is fine tuned for flawless performance every time.

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